Do you hear the call of the frog?

The Phyllomedusa Bicolor lives in many countries in South and Latin America and these powerful little beings are here to help save us and our planet. If you don't already know, frogs are our number one warning system that something is off in our ecological system. The frog population as a whole was massively reduced due to the industrial revolution. As a child, I remember reading in a kids ecological magazine that frogs were going to be extinct within about a decade; It really upset me and I remember saying a prayer for the frogs to survive what we as humans were doing to the planet and for them to live forever. I have to say as an adult now, I am grateful I said that prayer, because in my reality, that predicted statistic is failing to manifest. The frogs are making a big come back in the world in numerous ways now and one particular way is through Sapo and Kambo Medicine.

The venom that the frog secrets is a natural defense to the Anaconda, the only known predator know to the Giant Monkey Frog. This special frog venom is a medicine that is healing humanity's numerous diseases and ailments. Depending upon if the frog came into contact with an Anaconda or was harvested for medicine too many times too close together, the venom will naturally be weaker. The Venom contains extremely powerful peptides that work with our entire lymphatic and organ system. The frogs, through willingly giving us their medicine, are saving themselves and our habitat. Scientist have been able to prove that the Phyllomedusa Bicolor has the ability to see Photons. In the most simple sense, Photons are informational light particles. This means that these frogs can only see us as who we truly are, infinite light beings, as we are made up of photons as well as subatomic particles.

Our symbiotic relationship with the Phyllomedusa Bicolor is still very new according to some. It is said that this medicine is no more than 250 years old. I personally believe frog medicine has been used since the Golden Age that predates the fall of the ancient Egyptian Empire. This medicine was lost in time with all the Earth’s natural changes and recently in our history as conscious beings, during the ending of the last 36,000 year old cycle, the Phyllomedusa Bicolor has reappeared in the western hemisphere of the world. In the western side of the Medicine Wheel, the West is where death, change and magick all occur, so to me I find it suiting that these unique frogs chose this side of Our Mother Earth’s jungles to bring harmony. The Giant Monkey frog has shown up in order to assist us in aligning ourselves as infinite light beings so that we not only heal ourselves, we will heal our Mother Earth and come back into Balance with the Cosmic Forces of the Universe.

As a Yogi of the Red Road, this medicine to me, is one of the most powerful allies for healing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. It not only works on our body in a physical way allowing one to purge countless toxins, it also balances the body so it can start making its own hormones and chemicals that are needed to be in perfect homeostasis.  It works with the highest divine forces in the universe by clearing and healing our Chakra and Meridian Systems. It cleanses the energy channels of the body for the Kundalini to flow harmoniously. This will facilitate the balancing of one's inner and outer worlds. Sapo has the ability to clear Panema, this is a predatory energy that is not of love and light. Anything that is not of you, Sapo will clear out. Panema can come in the forms of energetic debris left from any sort of trauma, it can also come in the forms of fears, mental, emotional and physical imbalances or illnesses, diseases, cancers, parasites, bacterias, yeasts, pain, asthma, viruses STDs, PTSD, addictions, bad habits, and the list goes on.

Sapo Medicine will also help you realign your flow of abundance and support the tuning and harnessing of your innate gifts as a healer. It can clear creative blockages and allow for one to step into the flow of synchronicity as opposed to feeling like one is fighting the currents of life. This sacred Medicine is also an aid in fertility for women and is known to make a woman’s moon come again after they have entered the Crone stage of their life; Look at the Egyptian Goddess Heqet, she is a goddess of resurrection and fertility and she is often depicted in the form of a frog. The Goddess Heqet and the Phyllomedusa Bicolor carry the same Medicine, they bring us back into alignment with life that is thriving and filled with light and joy.



How is the Frog’s Venom Collected?

When it rains, all frogs come out to play, this is the best time for them to reproduce and anchor the continuation of their species. These special frogs, like any animal, have unique calls. The tribes of South and Latin America that work with the Phyllomedusa Bicolor know their wonderful call. The Giant Monkey Frogs come willingly to the humans calling them and the frogs are treated with respect during the entire process of gathering their sacred venom. If any harm comes to the frog during the harvesting of this beautiful medicine, it is very “bad” energy. The more the frog likes you during its process of being tickled for its venom, the more venom the Phyllomedusa Bicolor will give those harvesting the medicine. The venom is put on a piece of wood shaped like a flat stick, the medicine is the dehydrated naturally and stored in a dry place, sometimes covered with plastic and usually it is placed in a book. Tamishi vines are also collected and are prepared for the process of applying the venom. Some tribes will mark the frog with a natural substance that stays on the frog for an ample enough time, this lets others know that the frog gave it’s medicine recently and to not take any venom from the frog. The frogs need time to produce more venom and gain their natural defense back.

How is the venom administered?

If you’re gifted the opportunity to have medicine fresh from the Giant Monkey Frog, the venom does not need to be rehydrated. The medicine is applied in this sacred way to a person who has properly prepared for this experience. The dried Tamishi vine, fire, and lots of water is needed for any Frog Medicine Ceremony.

After fasting for at least 6 hours, then drinking at least two liters of water ten to fifteen minutes before receiving the venom, the person will have been in preparation and will be setting their intentions in that moment again in a calm meditative state. The shaman applying the medicine will be preparing the medicine if it needs to be rehydrated while the person is setting their intentions and finishing up drinking the allotted amount of water for this sacred work. When the shaman and the person receiving the medicine are ready to apply the venom, a Tamishi vine is prepared by burning the end of it till it becomes a hot burning red coal. Then the vine is applied quickly to the skin making a surface skin burn point. Depending on how many points a person is called to, the tradition and how many the shaman sees the person needs, depends on how many times this burning process happens. The points tend to be applied to either the upper arm, the lower leg, or the chest. Once all the burn points are applied, the skin that has created a small blister is peeled back, so the capillaries are exposed. The hydrated venom is then applied to the point(s). The medicine is left on no longer than forty minutes. By the time forty minutes has come, the venom has completely dried and the medicine has been taken in by the body. While the medicine is on the body it is important to keep ingesting water and the shaman will make sure you are getting what you need. Sometimes the medicine is removed before the forty minutes is up, it really depends upon the individual and their specific needs and how sensitive they are to the venom.

I have studied Brazilian and Peruvian styles of serving frog medicine. The simple difference between Sapo (Peruvian) and Kambo (Brazilian) is how the venom is rehydrated, how much and when during a lunar cycle it is administered.

My personal favorite way to apply and receive this sacred medicine so far is in the Sapo way, the Peruvian tradition. It is my favorite way because it is more gentle to the body in the application process and it feels way more effective in clearing out some of the hardest things humans would ever have to clear as a consciousness. The venom is rehydrated with saliva, because saliva is used, more types of the peptides are available in the venom for the body to use for healing. Only one point is applied to women and one or two points are given to men, very rarely will two points be applied to a female and very rarely will three points be applied to a man. It depends upon how strong the venom is and what the individual needs. In this tradition, the medicine will be administered two mornings or two evenings in a row, then a day for rest and spiritual development is taken and then on the fourth day, the medicine is served in the morning or the evening depending upon when the medicine was done during the first two days. These four day ceremonies tend to be done during the week of a New Moon or a Full Moon.

Kambo medicine (Brazilian Tradition) is rehydrated with water and traditionally the female is served 5 points and the male is served 7 points. When water is used, less of the peptides available are activated. In this tradition, in order to get the absolute most you can out of this medicine, you need to receive the medicine three different times during one entire lunar cycle.


How do you prepare for a Sapo or Kambo Ceremony


The Giant Monkey Frog comes to us freely, with love and absolutely no fear, so it is necessary that you go to these powerful ceremonies with no fear and only love, trusting and innately knowing these amazing frogs are here to help us realize who we truly are, Divine Beings of Light. The more one prepares them selves to receive the sacred venom, the more they will get out of the frog ceremonies. Mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical changes to one’s life need to be implemented in order for the experience with the frog to be of the highest benefit one can possibly achieve. It is advantageous for one to realize that this is a forever life changing experience and to look upon the ceremony with utmost respect will be a benefit for how the medicine works with you once you have left the “Ceremony.” To be aware that every breath, every thought, every emotion, every action and every step in life is ceremony is essential and will allow you to gain more out of working with the Phyllomedusa Bicolor. Once the frog has crossed your path, that is probably a good time to start the intention setting. If you’re still reading this article you must also realize the frog has crossed your path and is knocking on your door to tell you, “You are a being of divine infinite light.”

Once you know you’re ready to manifest and take part in a Sapo Ceremony, it is important to know that a physical cleansing process must be started. You will want to become a vegan as soon as you can, this is so you can get the most out of this sacred medicine. You will also need to cut out all types of refined sugars. You will need to switch over to whole complete grains, the less plastic surrounding your food and least processed the food, obviously, the better. Switch to Himalayan salt if you haven’t already. You will need to make sure you are drinking lots of spring water and eating as much raw fruits and vegetables as you can for your detox process in preparation for receiving the venom. Four days before you’re ready to receive the venom in ceremony, you will need to cut out any fats, or oils, olives, avocados, onions, peppers, and almost all spices except ginger and turmeric. You will want to cut out all the salt if you can and go as plain and simple in your food as possible, eating fruits and vegetables and lots of spring water is going to be best. Papaya is going to be one of the best fruits you can start introducing to your body for this sacred work as it will aid you in the process of healing with the Sapo Medicine.

If you are into drinking, smoking, vaping, recreational partying with drugs, taking pharmaceutical drugs, and or are drinking energy drinks, caffeine or ingesting other stimulants, you will need to start letting go of all of that for this medicine to do its best work in assisting you in healing your body, heart, mind, and soul. Be prepared to go without these things for at least four days before the Sapo ceremonies start. Be prepared to not have these things during the four days of the ceremonies, and as long as you possibly can after. It can be forever with this powerful medicine.

When it comes to what you put in your body after the Sapo and Kambo ceremonies matters, the more you respect your sacred vessel, the more the Giant Monkey Frog will give you. The cleaner you can eat and follow the specific diet, the more your body will be able to use the medicine outside of the ceremonies.

Another important thing to work on in detoxing from your life before working with the frog, is cleaning up your energies with others. This means getting clear on your intentions for yourself in what you want to manifest. Clear any discombobulated energies in your life as much as possible before stepping in to work with this sacred medicine. This will require yoga practices, meditation practices, and journaling your emotions, thoughts, dreams, goals. This will assist you in the intention setting and space clearing for you to bring in what you truly want for yourself through working with the Phyllomedusa Bicolor. You will want to abstain from sex for at least the four days before and the days of the Sapo Ceremonies in order to fully bring yourself into focus so you can see where your inner work is. You will also want to abstain from sex after the ceremonies for four days at least, this is to be sure you’re headed in the direction you want your life to be flowing in. Anyone in alignment with your intentions will not take this sacred work personal. This medicine work also tends to clear out anyone who is not ready to spiritually and consciously evolve, it is important to be prepared for changes in the way you relate to those around you when you start your work with the frog. The Medicine that comes from the Phyllomedusa Bicolor is is a tool in healing and also is here to assist us in our conscious evolution.


What to anticipate once the medicine is applied to your body


I get a couple questions that are always the same when I start talking about this medicine to those who haven’t heard about it. The first one usually being “What is the experience like once you’ve taken the medicine?” And the other most common question being “Is it legal and is it like ayahuasca or DMT?” For the record, this medicine is legal in the United States, all of Latin America and South America, except Brazil being in a grey zone due to copyrighting. It may be legal in a lot of other countries, I haven’t really checked into other countries too deeply, however, I do know of Sapo and Kambo Medicine carriers all over the globe. To answer the question if it is like Ayahuasca or DMT, no this is not a psychoactive experience. It is useful to know the Phyllomedusa Bicolor is used alongside with Ayahuasca. It is a wonderful tool for integrating the medicine that comes from our Sacred Grandmother Medicine. This very beautiful and sacred medicine, Sapo, was discovered through the use of Ayahuasca. Sapo is also used to prepare for an Ayahuasca ceremony, because the venom of the frog allows you to clean the body and soul out, and because Ayahuasca is also a tool to clean the body and soul, one will get more through working with both The Giant Monkey Frog and Grandmother Ayahuasca, than just working with Grandmother alone. The one thing that Ayahuasca and the Venom from the Giant Monkey Frog have in common is most people who participate in these sacred medicine ceremonies tend to get well. Getting well means there is a purging process. Where the body will release the toxins that need to leave your system. This can come in the forms of vomiting, having to use the bathroom, intense emotional releases, clarity of thoughts, strong physical sensations, sweating and possible temporary swelling of the face, hands or other areas of the body and an understanding of a situation or event in one’s life can manifest during this expereince. It is important to know that the “purging process” will continue long after the ceremony has ended. This will come in numerous forms and is unique to every individual how the medicine will realign one’s life. Another wonderful thing about this sacred medicine is that during the ceremony, clairvoyant or clairaudient messages can come through and this is quite natural if one prepares themselves adequately. It is natural for your psychic abilities to expand while working with this medicine, and depending on your state of consciousness, one can have a vision and or “feel the animals running through their bodies.”  When the medicine is applied to my body, with in minutes, I will hear the rushing of blood in my ears, I will hear my heart beat and my breathing seems to intensify and this is where meditation practices are very important. The meditation practices help us get the most out of the medicine while we are first working with it physically in our bodies. The decalcification of the pineal gland will happen when one is participating with a lot of the sacred medicines used in the jungle, especially the Phyllomedusa Bicolor venom. Because the decalcification of the third eye center happens, you will naturally be more aware of your reality. Your sense of sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste will be heightened. This is one of the reasons the Giant Monkey Frog venom is used for hunting Howler Monkeys in the jungles of Latin and South America, along with the blessing of your human scent becoming undetectable to a Jaguar’s sense of smell while deep in the jungle.



If you are interested in working with me and Sapo, please contact me through this page and tell me why you are called to experience this sacred medicine. I will reply as soon as I can and we will go from there. I will also have to know your medical history before deciding if this medicine will be good for you. Those over a certain age or with physical heart problems that are worse than blood pressure issues, I will not work with. The minimum energy exchange per person for a private Sapo ceremony for 3 days with me is $444