I work with the Pleiades, Andromeda, Sirius, Vega, and Arcturian Star Beings and I have been gifted the courage, strength and ability to be walking a path as one of the Leaders of the Galactic Federation of Light. As a Star Seed myself, I am here to help my fellow Brothers and Sisters wake up, ascend and heal our Earth. 

Some of you come in blazing like shooting stars and want to grow and come into your power fully, and some of you are just beginning to wake up into who you truly are. Star Seed Activations support the removal of blockages on your Soul Journey and activate your DNA and the Kundalini is awakened gently through this sacred soul work. These activations come in many forms and I offer a few different containers to meet the needs of those who need my medicine. Each container is unique in what it can show you about your Soul's Purpose. As a Star Seed you have come here to help recalibrate the Earth and help bring this Mother Ship back into alignment with the Divine. As we integrate the Photonic Light Frequencies with our physical bodies and we Ascend into the Higher Dimensions, so is our Earth; We are the poles that are shifting. During this Ascension process, as a Star Seed, you may need help balancing and healing the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical bodies or, you might carry a deep need to deeply connect with your Sky Brothers and Sisters. Where ever you are on your journey, I am here to help you unlock your potential. I am here to hold space for the grounding, anchoring and blossoming of your innate Divine Gifts as Warriors of the Light, Shamans, Seers, Humanitarians, Earth and Ocean Healers.

*I offer "In House" sessions and long distance sessions. An "In House" session means, you have provided the space and I come to you to do this sacred work. Long distance Sessions are done over Skype and Email.

Shamanic Sounds

The Shamanic Sound Healing I offer focuses on the entire energetic system in connection with the Divine. I utilize crystal therapy, Shamanic Reiki, Divination tools, musical instruments and my voice to create a safe and supportive container for a powerful and transformative experience. Through this container, one can find the connection to their higher Self, Spirit Guides, Power Medicines, Ascended Masters, Angels and Supreme Consciousness. The energy that is cultivated through my working with you, the divine and sound, allows for the deepest of healing in All time and space dimensions to occur and the transformation process in your Soul's ascension is gently catalyzed. This in turn can transform you on a physical level as I am holding space for the awakening and activation of your gifts that are inherited through your DNA.

Every person's experience with the sound medicine I carry is unique. The most common effect is the feeling of peace and relaxation. A lot of people have experienced feelings and sensations in the body, they have seen colors, old memories surfaced, images came to them, past lives revealed themselves and some experienced their souls traveling out of their body. A few people met their Angels or Spirit Guides and traveled with them. You may experience a purging process, this work is not only work for yourself, it is also a blessing to your ancestors and future generations. After the Shamanic Sound Activation, more intense dreams, and your gifts and abilities may be unlocked for further more advanced creations to blossom through you. These sound synchronizations also offer support in releasing patterns, habits, belief systems/structures, emotions, thought forms that no longer serve your highest good. This container will support in your process of transmutation and anything you have intentions for can be brought to the table for a more speedy manifestation with divine assistance. It is necessary to have a journal for this work and it is advantageous to be aware that there is a 2 week integration process after this intense Soul work and purging is bound to happen. The purging process may come in the form of releasing emotions, beliefs, ideas, patterns, what doesn't serve your highest good, intense thoughts, vomiting and even feeling like you have caught a cold or the flu.

*Shamanic Sound Sessions start at a minimum of $222 The minimum rate is for a 2 hour time and all Shamanic Sound work comes with "homework" and will require you to have the rest of the day to integrate the energies after we have ended the Shamanic Sound session.

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Star Seed Medicine Bundle

Receive a discount when you choose to receive your Star Seed Medicine in a bundle!

These sessions last 3-4 hours long and include a Star Seed Activation, an Akashic Record Reading, some Palmistry, and a bit of Shamanic Astrology that will catalyze your evolutionary development.

In House sessions are $444 and Long Distance sessions are $333