Seeds of past karma cannot germinate if they are roasted in the divine fires of wisdom.
— Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi


“Natasha has been my yoga instructor for several years now. She is a wonderful private instructor. She is very professional and gives clear instructions to her students in the group classes I attended. She has encouraged me to increase my flexibility while not pushing me too much. I highly recommend Natasha as a yoga instructor.”

Melissa, New York

“The birth chart reading I received from Natasha came to me at the exact moment I needed it most. I was filled with doubt as to who I truly was. Her reading gave me insight that awoke my higher self. With every word I gained an understanding of so many emotions I carry, it was like reading a map of my soul, being directed to every place I needed to visit. I will continue to hold it dear to my heart and reference it in those moments I need a reminder of who I truly am. The gratitude I have for Natasha and her gift is immeasurable. Her selfless dedication to healing is inspiring. If you have an opportunity to work with her, cherish it.”

~Amanda, Conneticut


“Natasha helped me immensely with her divine spirit work and guidance. Everything she foresaw and did for me transcended into my present life and relationships. Natasha's magical spirit work has helped me a lot, past, present & future. I 100% recommend this magical woman's work to anybody seeking guidance of any sort.”

~Mikaela, Perth, Australia


“Natasha is truly a magical spirit and guide with immense wisdom and authenticity. What a blessing it was to be introduced to her and her work. My reading with Natasha has transcended beyond our moment together and fully impacted, and integrated into, my life, relationships, and work as a healer myself. Her guidance, raw compassion and generosity assisted me in not only emerging from a dark place but into a more connected state physically, spiritually, and beyond. I look forward to working with her in the future and would recommend her to anyone who is really looking to reclaim parts of themselves in a transformative and soulful way. <3”

Kristin - Oakland, CA


"Who needs to drink Ayahuasca?"

~ Words, from an anonymous client, used to describe an in house Shamanic Sound Session I facilitated in Virginia.


"Natasha's reading came at a perfect time in life. It seemed that everything was falling apart around me and I had no idea why. With her insightful reading, I was able to make sense of the events and realize what I needed to learn in order to move forward and be OK. I would recommend Natasha to anyone who is longing to understand how to most effectively traverse choppy waters, or especially to gain insight into your path."

~Anonymous, Sedona, AZ


"Natasha is a magical soul. She taps into a place of deep consciousness and pure emotion to provide an honest, accurate reading. Her knowledge and experience transcend many lifetimes as can be felt during an energy exchange with her. I am extremely grateful for the mind-opening and educational palm and tarot card readings I have received from her throughout the years. My time with her has expanded my own knowledge as well as help me make decisions and understand my heart and mind."   

~Leslie, Phoenix, AZ


"My experience with Natasha's work has been incredible. She was able to reveal my strengths to me, showed me how to channel my energy in healing and personal growth. I felt very comfortable when I was around her; she is extremely knowledgeable and intensely enlightening."

~Jasmine, Tucson, AZ


"It is difficult to write the precise words which I feel will in effect, express how amazing Natasha’s reading was. With only a photo and my name – Natasha’s words were astonishing. She tapped into aspects of my life which I had disguised and aspects which I had been too afraid to face. Her guidance was kind, her words so honest and her love so genuine. We have never met, but I just know in my heart that she is there for me – not just as a guide, but as my friend.
Natasha is a little marvel of life."

Lots of love, Lizzie xx, Cornwall, UK